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Albums by this artist:

Black Vision
Deep Blue Darkness
A Dark Cloud Arises
The Lost Memories
In the Misty Morning
Crown Waits the Immortal
Reality Isn't Disappeared
Misery of the Rebirth
Lacus Somniorum
Waiting To Be Free
I, The Sacrificed
On the Far Side of Knowledge
Destroyed Human Mind
Blood Oath
Cornerstone of Insanity
Disseminated Death
The Unseen
Kaaos on Kanssamme (Chaos Is with Us)
Apparition of the Mist
Lacus Somniorum (inst.)
What Was Hidden
In the End Only Death Will Remain
Toxic Death
John 3:16
Field Of Terror
Hour of the Cannibal
End for the Parasites (Called Humankind)
Temptation of Suicide
Risen From Grave
Endless Abyss (Outro)
Cadaveric Mutilation
Cannibal Souls
Necropsy of Festering Body
Inside the Crematory
Joh.3: 16 (Outro)
Demon Gods
So Many Years of Fear
Vaikka Paahtuisin Tulessa
Sacrifice of your Life
A Dark Cloud Arises (1991)
Crown Waits the Immortal (1991)
Under the Pyre of Enlightenment
Vicious Seeds of Mortality
Paradox of Existence