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Millions Like Us
Two Princes
Gun of Life
When I See You
Perfect World
Something You Can't Have
Nothing's Left
Friends Again
Plane Crash
If You Need Me
I've Been Away
Can't Stay Here
Can't Help Thinking About Me
Slay it With Flowers
Beat That
Call Of The Wild
But On Sunday
Beat That!
Scooby Doo
My Life's a Jigsaw
Extraordinary Sensations
Hi Baby!
I'll Make You Mine
Early In The Morning
What Am I Gonna Do
Just A Little Bit
I Can't Dream
Hazy Darkness
Concrete Mixer
Long Legged Baby
Shell Shock
I'm Gonna Try
beat that! (single version)
Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones
Get Out Of My Life Woman
Just To Please You
Here 'tis
Beat That (single version)
The Guy Who Made Her A Star
You Can't Sit Down
Tiger In Your Tank
Smashing Time
Louie Louie
Slay It Flowers
Head On Collision Time