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Albums by this artist:

The Tablet
Don't be fucking with my shit
Among the best
Phreak Ya Speaka
I Come Correct
Fuck That Mashup
We Got to Advance
The Voice of A Rebel
Represent by example
Devastation of Thought
Battling ignorance
Far from done
The Revolutionist
So Sick
My Future Destiny
Your Love Is Gone
Een en Al Blijheid
Lost in the bush
Escape From the Hostile
Rising Out of the Dark
Different Breed Of Men (Meccano Twins Remix)
The New Revolution
King of Pain
Weapons of Divine Temper
Still Got It
Follow My Movement
Rhythm Flow
Dancefloor Hardcore
My Claim to Fame
Doing my thing
From Deep Within'
The Bad Guy
Running Against The Rules (D-Passion Remix)
As the Beat Goes On
Take It Personal
Vicious Circle
Reign supreme
The grower
My Beating Drum
Rhythmics Of A Badboy
Back on the map
Iemand Anders
No man's pawn
Life From The Other Side
Always futile
This Is How We Rock
Asian drum lesson