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Remember the First Day
From the Second I Wake Up...
Live in Love
When the Flowers Bloom
A Long Way Home
Trace Those Steps
Rough Road Leads to the Stars
Sunsets and Pictures
Getting Through
It Just Takes Time
Dead of Winter
The Lights That Flicker Will Surely Fade
Promise of Redemption
Take Time to Realize
Sleep to Dream
Heart So Close
Just As Your Lips
The Fallbacks of a Bad Attitude
Looking Forward To The Future
A Life in Pictures
Seems Like Just Yesterday
Take Lots With Alcohol
Let the Waves Crash Down
You Don't Know How It Feels final
Your Own Regret
Goodbye To Self Image
In the Moment
Where You Ought to Be
With Open Arms
Stuck in the Cement
Live in Your Name
When We Look Back
GoodbyeTo Self Image
Song For A Friend
Hunter's Song
Brand New Feeling
On and on (feat. Alex Saddic)
Away We Go (Acoustic)
I Can Feel a Change
Take Lots With Alcohol (Alkaline Trio Cover)
You Don't Know How It Feels