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Crisis Era
Blue Spirit
Somethin' Special
A Private World
Magic Lens
Alien Funeral
Jones to Engel (Pierrot)
On The Run
Power Spot
House Aflame
Diamond Vision
Jones to Engle (Pierrot)
Permanent Wave
Still Havin' Fun!
Still Havin' Fun! (feat. "Mr. Smith")
Too Much Is Never Enuff
Like Watchin' a Movie
People Say
Shining Moment
Permanent Wave (feat. "Mr. Smith")
B1 Somethin' Special V1
B2 Chasm V1
A2 Blue Spirit V1
A3 Birdy V1
A4 Hypnagogia V1
B4 Alien Funeral V1
B3 Spine V1
A5 Magic Lens V1
A1 A Private World V1
B5 Jones to Engel Pierrot V1
Shining Moment (feat. "Mr. Smith")
Searching for the Underground
Jones To Engel
Stop And Go
Too Much Is Never Enuff (feat. "Mr. Smith")
Like Watchin' a Movie (feat. "Mr. Smith")
Private World - "Blue Spirit" (Official Audio)
New Sensation
We Can't Solve This Chemically
Anne Marie & The Pistons
Telan Devik
Love High
My Daddy