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Albums by this artist:

Finally Moving
I Can See It In Your Face
Total Fascination
I Know The Truth
Hot Like Sauce
Still Night
High School Art Class
Yellow Bird
Understand Me Now
Still Rockin
Out Of Time
Sunday School
So Much In The Dark
Looking For Love (But Not So Sure)
Future Blind
World Of Illusion
Short Line
If I Could Feel Again
Drift Away
The Time Has Come
Shining Bright Despite The Plight
Hot Like Dimes
Almost Familiar
Can't Stop Me Now
Color of My Soul
Fly Away Another Day
Wrong Platform
Easy Way Out
Summer's Thirst
Gold Coast Hustle
Until Tomorrow
Gazing At The Glare
Press Pause
Change Is Gonna Come
One Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix)
My Other Love
Waiting For Her
Short Cut/Detour
Switch Up
An Empty Station
Cold Feeling
Let The World Hurry By
Someday Is Everyday
Down The Line
Something's Wrong
Fill Your Eyes
City Of One