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Melody (1983 Radio Version)
stop fantasy
Melody (1983 Club Vinyl Mix)
Stop Fantasy (12" Version)
Melody (12" Version)
Melody (Club Remix)
Melody (Instrumental Version)
Melody (Extended Version 1983)
Stop Fantasy (1983 Radio Version)
Mad Radio
Stop Fantasy (Extended Version 1983)
New Sensation
Melody (Mothball Record PLUS002)
melody // 1983
Stop Fantasy (1983)
Melody (7" Version) [1983]
Stop Fantasy (Italy, 1983)
Stop Fantasy (7" Version)
Mad Radio (MIO 1984 - Italo Disco)
Melody (1983)
Melody (Italy, 1983)
Melody (Extended Version)
+ma - seesaw ep Γ snippet (buy on bandca
Fantasy (7" Version)
Stop Fantasy (Bungalow Edit)
Kau Pergi Dengannya
stop fantasy [end of dr. mad's 1st set]
+ma - crony ep Γ snippet (buy on bandcam
New Sensation (1984)
Stop Fantasy (Extended Version)
Melody (Radio Edit)
Melody (12" Version) [1983]
Mad Radio (7" Version)
Melody (Radio Mix)
Stop fantasy (7'')
New Sensation ( 1984 Italo Disco Collection)
Melody - by Plustwo. The original vi
Stop Fantasy - 1983 - Mio Records
Light Sounds Dark
Stop Fantasy (7'' Version)
Melody [1983]
Stop Fantasy | 1983 | Radioitalopower-Com
Melody - short video version good quality
Stop Fantasy [1983]
+ma - waver LP Γ snippet
Stop Fantasy (Sadistic Disco touch)