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Oh Darling - feat. Cady Groves
Oh Darling
Oh Darling (Feat. Cady Groves)
I Blame You
You're on my Mind
Your Body Is A Wonderland
Frozen Heart
Nothing To Something
A Love Like Mine
To Be Wanted (feat. Megan & Liz)
What Goes Around
Oh Darling (ft. Cady Groves)
But I Can't
Up, Up, & Away [Ft. Horizun] (KiD CuDi Cover)
It Seems Like
Oh Darling (feat Cady Groves)
Wait For Me
I've Been Thinking
Isn't That Sad
Hard to Sleep
For Once
I Hope You Know (feat. Tay Jardine)
I Can't Find Your Pulse
Your Body Is A Wonderland (John Mayer Cover)
Y - O - Y
Remember California
Up, Up, & Away (KiD CuDi Cover)
Everything I Shouldn't Say
A Little Peace
Where I Am
Better off Alone
Don't Say Goodnight
Hey There Little Bird
Well, Isn't It Just Perfect
Burn Out
Home Soon
How To Love (Lil Wayne)
The Little Things
Whatcha Do to Me
Love Is a Word
Up Up & Away (cover) by Kid Cudi