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Walking On Both Sides
Your Master Is Calling
Walk Away
I Coldly Stare Out
Can't Be Love
Missing You
Last Day On Earth
Break It
If Two Worlds Kiss
After All
A Moment Sometimes
State of Mind
That Was You
When the Hammer Comes Down
The First
After all (+)
When It Rains
Angels Grow Wings
Touch The Skies
There Must Be so Much More
When It Rains (+)
Something Deep Inside
The Curse
True Love
True Love (After All)
If Love Could Change This World
Good Times
Cult of the Beautiful
Celebration's Day
No More Reason (To Call Us Alive)
Faces of the Gone
Living Your Life
Biding Our Time
Now's The Time
State of Mind (+)
You Still Mean Too Much to Me
Now We'll Go
Seven Years
Catholic Sunday
The Church of Choice
So Why Not Save the World