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Albums by this artist:

Images Of Heaven
Baby's in the Mountains
Emotional Disguise
The Art of Love
Another World
Young Pleasure
French Emotions
The Dancer
The Art of Love - Johnson Somerset Remix
Torch Song For The Heroine (Single Version)
Emotional Disguise (12 EP Version)
Rendezvous (French Remix)
Cruel heart
Images Of Heaven (Extended Version)
Images of heaven (full-length version)
Images of Heaven [Full Length Version]
Images of heaven (Razormaid version)
Criminal World
Naked Smile
Window Shopping
Soul Of Love
Emotional Disguise (Extended Version)
Baby's in the Mountain
U Samovara
Rendezvous (English)
Emotional Disguise (12'' EP Version)
Soul to Soul
Rendezvous (French)
emotional disguise (instrumental)
Rendezvous (English Remix)
Baby's in the Mountains (New York mix)
Sky Falls
Torch Songs (Extended Version)
Torch Songs for the Heroine [Single Version]
Baby's in the Mountains (Club Version - John Luongo Mix)
baby's in the mountain's (new york mix)
Luxury (extended version)
Images of Heaven [Full-Length Version]
The Art Of Love (UK Remix)
Torch Songs for the Heroine (Single Version)
Emotional Disguise (12" EP Version)
Images Of Heaven (Mix)
Over Twenty-One
Images of Heaven (Full Length Version)
Baby's In The Mountains (12'' Version) [1983]
Over twenty one