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Albums by this artist:

A Little Soul
Pete's Jazz
It's a Love Thing (instrumental)
The best secret
The Boss
The Life I Live
Grown Man Sport
Center of Attention
Baby Pa
Mind Over Matter
Play Dis Only At Night
Smooth Sailing
Something Funky
Blah Uno
To Each His Own
For The People
I Originate
Walk On By
Get Involved
The Best Secret - Instrumental
Nothing More
No Words
Tru Master
Nasty Scene
Step Up
Collector's Item feat. Grap Luva (Vocal)
Too Close
They Reminisce Over You
Rhyme Writer
Press Rewind
Pete Intro
What You Waiting For
Pete’s Jazz
Square One
Rob O Beattalk
#1 Soul Brother
Take The D Train
Take Your Time
No More Words
Nothing More - Instrumental
Hip Hopcrisy
Don't Be Mad
Can't Wait
Think Twice
A Long Thing