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Albums by this artist:

Don't Fuck With My Money
Worse It Gets (RAC Mix)
A Funny Thing
Animal Animal
Calling Out
The Worse It Gets
Never Gets Old
Show Me The Way
Golden Train
Fair Warning
Something I'm Not
Do Me Like That
The Worse It Gets (RAC Mix)
Desert Cold
In The Way
Try To Lose
Someone Got Everything
Sit Down
Caught In A Daze
In the Woods
Turn It Up
Don't Tell Me How It Ends
Don’t Fuck With My Money
Laughing At The Floor
A Funny Thing - Radio Edit
Calling Out - Elephante Remix
Run It Up
Stop Moving
The Heat
Keep Coming Alive
Multi-Millionaire (Shook Remix)
On Your Side
Golden Train - Radio Edit
Animal (Jakwob Remix)
Don't Touch My Money
Fair Warning (Robotaki Remix)
Calling Out (Elephante Remix)
Fair Warning (Oliver Remix)
Multi Millionaire - Prince Language Instrumental Remix
Calling Out - Avenue Remix
Multi-Millionaire (Penguin Prison Club Mix)
The Worse It Gets (Starsmith Remix)
Show Me the Way - Audiotree Live Version
Don't Fuss With My Money
Don't Fuck With My Money (Penguin Prison Club Mix)
Animal Animal - Radio Edit
Golden Train (Radio Edit)
Golden Train (Penguin Prison Club Mix)