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Albums by this artist:

Trying to Escape the Inevitable
Don Quixote
Lloyd Dobbler
10 Rings
PS Don't Write
The Secret Goldfish
8th Grade
Florida Plates
Fat and Alone
Attention Reader
Fat And Alone (Hidden Track)
heroine slow
cotton candy
P.S. Don't Write
Marquee Girl
Hold Still the Red Light
the secret goldfish (acoustic)
Heroin Slow
Death of the Lionheart (live)
The Secret Goldifsh (Acoustic)
Lloyd Dobler
[Untitled Track]
It's All Your Fault
Death of The Lionheart
Untitled [Fat And Alone]
Pencey Prep - Hold Still the Red Light
Heart Me Up
Pencey Prep - Home
Death Of The Lionheart (Live Pencey)
heroine slow (The B Sides)
The Secret Goldfish Acoustic
the secret goldfish [acoustic]
I'm a Grave Yard
Don't Write
Fat And Alone [Hidden Track]
Llyod Dobbler
Hold Still the Red Light (Dyna
Pencey Prep - The Secret Goldfish
Heroine (slow)
Hold Still the Red Light (Dynamite City)
Attention Reader (I Am a Graveyard)
Ps Dont Write
ten rings