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Albums by this artist:

Maybe I'm Amazed
Live and Let Die
Wonderful Christmastime - Edited Version / Remastered 2011
Dance Tonight
Band on the Run
Wonderful Christmastime
Every Night
Another Day
Hope of Deliverance
Maybe I’m Amazed - Remastered 2011
My Love
Band On The Run - Remastered 2010
Jenny Wren
Fine Line
Vanilla Sky
Ever Present Past
Say Say Say
Coming Up
No More Lonely Nights
Wonderful Christmastime [Edited Version] - Remastered 2011 / Edited Version
Hey Jude
The Kiss Of Venus (Dominic Fike)
Say Say Say - Remastered 2015
Great Day
This Never Happened Before
Let It Be
Junk - Remastered 2011
Only Mama Knows
Queenie Eye
Let Me Roll It
See Your Sunshine
My Valentine
Calico Skies
Ebony and Ivory
Save Us
Pipes of Peace
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey - Medley / Remastered 2012
English Tea
Here Today
Heart of the Country
Ram On - Remastered 2012
Too Much Rain
You Tell Me