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Memory Burn
The Ancient Law
Bleed The Meek
I Am Forever
The Icy Flow Of Death
Pushing Through The Pass
The End Of The Hour
Ash Is Falling Rain
In Offering Of Spite
Poisoned Promise Land
As Sanities Split
The Butchers Bargain
The Second Coming
Bring Me The Head Of Christ
Engulfing the Pure
A Heart For A Heart
Where The Empty Gods Lie
Promises In Blood
In My Eyes
Through The Fiery Halls
Cold Vengeance
Untitled Bonus Track
Legacy In Ashes
Army of Death
Trial By Torture
The Dawn Brings War
The Butcher's Bargain
The Sword Coming
Here I Kill
Prometheus Rising
Her Rotten Flesh
Erzsebet (Instrumental)
Soulless (Cancerslug)
Erzsebet [Instrumental]
Soulless (Cancerslug cover)
03 - Bleed the meek
04 - The second coming
05 - Where the empty gods lie
02 - The butchers bargain
Soulless* (Cancerslug)
Being Me The Head Of Christ
07 - In my eyes
09 - Promises in blood
12 - The icy flow of death
08 - Erzsebet