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Albums by this artist:

Star of the Country Down
Rodney's Glory
Planxty Irwin
Finn MacCool's Reel
South Wind
Moran's Return
Morgan Magan
Fanny Power
Chase the Weasel
Rural Life
Daisy Goes A Dancing
Kathy's Song
Grandpa's Lullaby
Solstice Dance
Danny Boy
Ghost Riders in the Sky
Time After Time
Sixteen Tons
At This Moment
The Pretty Milkmaid
Gone Fishin'
The Blarney Pilgrim
Fanny Durbin
Blind Mary
Shufflin' Sam
The Red-Haired Boy
Closer To You
Fiddler's Last Waltz
Wasn't It You
Cedar Creek Rag
Steel Guitar Rag
Del Coronado
Uncle Rufus
Journey To Ireland
Old Joe Clack
The Rakes Of Waterloo/Chase The Weasel
Fannie Power
Michael & Monika
Shi Beg Shi Mhor
Fully Automatic Boogie
The Last Pint
Dance With Me
Through the Tears
Sergeant Early's Dream
The Cornbread Mafia King
The Guitar Rag
It's Raining