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Albums by this artist:

Let Her Go
Things That Stop You Dreaming
All the Little Lights
The Wrong Direction
Staring at the Stars
Let Her Go - Acoustic
Patient Love
Life's for the Living
Feather on the Clyde
Keep on Walking
Shape Of Love (feat. Boy & Bear)
Heart's On Fire
What You're Thinking (feat. Josh Pyke)
Simple Song
Rolling Stone
Scare Away the Dark
Coins In A Fountain
Let Her Go (Acoustic)
I Hate (Live from the Borderline, London)
Hell Or High Water
In Reverse
I Hate - Live From The Borderline, London
Golden Thread (feat. Matt Corby)
Golden Leaves
Sword from the Stone
The One You Love (feat. Kate Miller Heidke)
Patient Love - Acoustic
Travelling Song (feat. Gabrielle Huber & Cameron Potts)
For You
Month of Sundays (feat. Brian Campeau & Elana Stone)
Young as the Morning Old as the Sea
Riding to New York
Staring At the Stars - Acoustic
Fear of Fear
Holes - Radio Edit
Start A Fire
Heart's On Fire - Radio Edit
Circles - Acoustic
Keep On Walking - Acoustic
Night Vision Binoculars
Catch In the Dark
The Boy Who Cried Wolf