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Albums by this artist:

Old Time Religion
Jealous Sun
Hades Pleads
Your Water
Truck Stop Gospel
Wherever You Are
Heaven Sent
The Very Last Day
A Little Fire
Quite Contrary
Land Of The Red Man
Fine Line
The Villain
Forgive Me
Morning Blues
When I Leave
Other Arrangements
Singing to Me
Hands Up
Good Night
You Gotta Move
Palisade (feat. Michael Rose)
At the Bar (Emerald City Blues)
Tribulation Hymn
The Glory of Love
Come Back When You Can't Stay
Let a Little Light In
Central Pacific (feat. Michael Rose)
Tell Me
At The Bar
Gotta Get to You
Seed (feat. Michael Rose)
Sticks & Stones (feat. Michael Rose)
Some People
Coming On
Jackson's in a Hole (feat. Michael Rose)
End of a Rope (feat. Michael Rose)
Homeless (feat. Michael Rose)
I Hope I Die (feat. Michael Rose)
Farmer's Lament (feat. Michael Rose)
Tuesday Night Rag (feat. Michael Rose)
Changing Hands (feat. Michael Rose)
Hades Pleades
You Gotta Move - recorded live at eTown Hall
Everyday People (Amazon Original)