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Maybe It Was Memphis
Shake The Sugar Tree
Spilled Perfume
Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)
Don't Tell Me What to Do
When You Walk In The Room
Cleopatra, Queen of Denial
Let That Pony Run
All the Good Ones Are Gone
The River And The Highway
Mi Vida Loca
In Between Dances
Land of the living
Colors Of The Wind
I Said a Prayer
One Of Those Things
Mandolin Rain
Deep Down
I Was Blown Away
Put Yourself In My Place
Band In The Window
Blue Rose Is
Betty's Got A Bass Boat
Heart Over Mind
It's Lonely Out There
Do You Know Where Your Man Is
Better Off Blue
Calico Plains
Beautiful Night
You Can't Have A Good Time Without Me
Melancholy Child
'Til All The Lonely's Gone
Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love
I've Seen Enough To Know
Homeward Looking Angel
It Isn't Just Raining
Light of the World
Looking for a Feeling
The Hard Way
Crazy By Myself
Something Burning Out
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Train Without A Whistle
That Was A Heartache
Pretty Paper
They Don't Break 'em Like They Used To
Draggin' My Chains
Silent Night Medley
The Rockin' Christmas Medley