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She Passed Away Alone at Sea
To The Child Drifting Out At Sea
Places We Never Went Together
Sarah's Summer Wasteland
Remnants of Departed Days
I'll Remain Under Our Antique Sky
I Felt Helpless Looking At You Then
Even Though I Can No Longer Reach You
At The Top Of Our Hill, We Could See The Atlantic
Give Me Truth
A Cold Memory of You That's Beginning to Freeze Over
Dancing By The Dreamless Wave
For Those We Have Lost
The Melody That Plays Loud Through Sundown Skies
I Could Almost Feel You
Not A Day Goes By That I Don't Think Of You
I've Lost All Light In My Life
She Had One Chance Before He Sailed Away
When I Look Down On Your Grave
First Time She Ever Saw the Ocean
Sometimes I Still Find It Hard To Believe
For People Who Strengthen Our Lives
In A Decade Full Of Dreams
Thousands of Summer Twilights
In Memory Of Fallen Stars
Quiet Strength
Saltwater In Her Veins
The Last Smile From Sarah
Her Sorrow, His Smile
And Then I Woke Up
I Gave A Whistle & 300 Cries
We Are Your Friends
And So You Fade Out To The Farplane
Forgotten by Mankind, You Remain Only in My Mind
Watching Her from Afar
Watched You Dance At Sundown
The Horizon, Hidden In Our Movements
Memories Are All That I Have Left
You Are Quietly Disappearing Before Me
Don't Worry, I'm Here Now
You're Lost, You're Alone
You're Always Young In My Dreams
Forgive Me
We Gazed Far Out To Sea (The Unending Quartet's Version)
A Reflective Year
She Who Is Afraid To Explore Potential (Numb)
Don't Worry, I'm Here Now (feat. Kine Hjeldnes)
27 Dreams