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Albums by this artist:

The Queen Of All Everything
Smoked Glass and Chrome
Splitting an Atom
Cley Hill
Rogue Bagel
Escape from Tulse Hell
Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack
Spannered in Pilton
Billy the Kid Strikes Back
Signals From Bob
One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time
From Trunch To Stromness
A Shower Of Sparks
Daisies And Rubies
A Load Up at Nunney Catch
382 Seaside
Adrift In Hilbert Space
Squirrel and Biscuits
Owl Stretching Time
The Aubergine of The Sun
A Nice Little Place
Mouse Eating Cheese
Unit Delta Plus
16mm Summer Day
Hello, My Name Is...
Scilly Automatic
Coursing Batch
A Gentle Place by Birth Is You
The Bicycle of the Sky
Harwell Dekatron
Baby Robot
Ott Meets Billy the Kid
Ship Is Not a Child
Joyful Wonder
Mr Balloon Hands
Escape From Tulse Hell (Tripswitch remix)
Smoked Glass and Crome
Scilly Automatic [Bonus Track]
Shower of Sparks
scilly automatic (bonus)
Let Me In
neon tetra
Forever Girl
Evil Do'ers
I Miss You All Over