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Albums by this artist:

The Awakening
Whispers in My Head
From Dust to Ashes
Out of My Way
Everywhere I Go
Fight Like the Devil
Still Alive
Tribute (Now or Never)
Still Alive (feat. Charline Max)
Out of Control
The Awakening - Acoustic, Bonus Track
Rock Ain't Dead
My Playground
Turn Around
Motivation Song (English Version)
The Awakening (Acoustic)
The Awakening (Acoustic Bonus Track)
Whispers On My Head
Castle on the Hill
Everywhere I Go (Nightcore Version)
Where I'm Right
Whispers in My Head - Nightcore Version
Come What May
Running (Nightcore Version)
The Awakening 2020 (Djs from Mars Remix)
The Awakening (Acoustic, Bonus Track)
Seek me
Watching Your Fall
When All Has Gone
The Four Coldest Walls
Running (Acoustic Version)
Motivation Song (French Version)
Whispers in My Head (Acoustic Version)
Feel No Pain
Turn Around (Acoustic Version)
Motivation Song
Open Heart
Everywhere I Go (Acoustic Version)
Forever (Nightcore Version)
Fight Like the Devil - Nightcore Version
Tribute (Nightcore Version)
Out of Control (Nightcore Version)
A Thousand Closed Eyes