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Albums by this artist:

Take Flight
The View
Lose You
We Can Learn
We Can't Get Away
Say My Name
Control (Pat Lok Remix)
River Song
Magic - Arston Radio Edit
Black & Blue
Casa Del
Planet Us
Magic - Jake Liedo Radio Edit
Magic (Luke Million Remix)
Magic - Arston Remix
Magic (Arston Remix)
Magic (Night Drive Remix)
Magic (Pharao Black Magic Remix)
Planet Us - Piano Version
Magic (FIFA 14 Sountrack)
Take Flight (James Curd Remix)
Control (Say Yes Dog Remix)
Magic - Weekend Agenda Radio Edit
Control - Pat Lok Remix
Magic (Woo2Tech Bootleg)
Magic - Jake Liedo Remix
Daylight (AnimalStatuS Remix)
Lose You (Moonbase Commander Remix)
Say My Name (Avenue Remix)
Magic - Weekend Agenda Remix
River Song (SAFIA Remix)
Magic (Arston Radio Edit)
Magic (Official Video)
Magic (Jordan F Remix)
Magic (Jake Liedo Remix)
Magic (Jake Liedo Radio Edit)
Control (Official Video)
Take Flight (Acaddamy Remix)
The View (Purple Sneakers DJs Remix)
Control (OST FIFA 16)
Magic [ANR044] - Jake Liedo Remix
Magic (OST FIFA 2014)