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Vivaldi "Four Seasons" - "Winter" 1st Mov.
The Last Waltz
Cries And Whispers
The Searchers
Room At The Top
Look Who's Talking
Out Of Sight
The Count Of Monte Cristo
The Old Boy
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Somwhere In The Night
Farewell,My Lovely
Look Back In Anger
In A Lonley Place
Jailhouse Rock
Out Of The Past
It's Alive!
Dressed To Kill
The Big Sleep
Kiss Me Deadly
farewell, my lovely
In A Lonely Place
Somewhere In The Night
point blank
Cries of whispers
It's alive
Jail house rock
Cul de sac
Kiss Me, Feel Me, Kill Me
Kiss Me, Feel Me, Kill Me-(Radio Edit)
Keep On Playing
These Drugs
24 - The Last Waltz
Farewell My Lovely
Vivaldi Four Seasons - Winter 1st Movement
This Ole Boy (Originally Performed by Craig Morgan)
Last Waltz
It`s Alive
09 - Vivaldi 4 seasons - winter 1st mvt.
Kiss Me Deadly --
05 - In A Lonely Place
The Last Waltz --
Time To Clear My Mind
Brother's (Back to Back)
Vivaldi "Four Seasons" Concerto RV 297 'Winter' In F Minor 1st Movement-Allegro Non Molto
Vivaldi "Four Seasons" - "Wint