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Splash Free 50% Off
Everyday I'm Hussie-in ft. Gamzee and Tavros
United States of Wwhatevver
Nobody Cares
Like A Huss
I Blinded Him Wwith 2ciience!
Dave And Tavros Rap Battle
Dave Rap
Eridan Is Too Sexy
The Strong Touch
Fresh Prince Of Hope
Sweet Trollvestite
Gay Bar
Everyday I'm Hussie-in (ft. Gamzee and Tavros)
Eridan's Theme
Eridan Calls A Sex Line
I Blinded Him wwith 2ciience
Eridan's Theme Vocal
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Lovve Stinks
Everyday I'm Hussie
World's End Dancehall
Tavros Sings Cuppy Cakes
Everyday I'm Hussie-in
Eridan Drunk Dials Feferi
Eridan's United States of Wwhatevver
Everyday I'm Hussie-in'
Equius Zahhak
Peridan and Starkat
Eridan Trips Balls
tHe FaYgO cOnNeCtIoN
Sober Speech
Swweet Trollvvestite
Chicken Nuggets
Alternian Psycho
Eridan's Theme (Vocal)
Put On A Happy Tav
Strider Dave rap
Oldzee 2
Equestria Girls
Tavros' Ghost Story
Tavros And Eridan Play An Imported Game
Warhammer Of Zillyhoo
I lOvE yOu DaD
Equius Calls A...Line
My Immortal As Read By Eridan
Sober Speech [longcat audio h3d]
CA The Nihilist
Saw Starring Tavros