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Albums by this artist:

Suffer the Last Bridge
Nights in White Satin
The Decay of Disregard
The Banished Heart
Fleeting Vigilance
... This Road
Laid to Rest
Good Life
How Tall the Trees
No Color, No Light
A Path to Broken Stars
The Watcher
Her in the Distance
Howl of the Rougarou
Wayfaring Stranger
God in Skin
Coffins Like Kites
Only a Corpse
Blackest Cloud
Great Divide
Turpentine (reprise)
On The Turning Away
The Wanderer
Memoriam (Blue Studio Edition)
Solitude (Candlemass cover)
...This Road
Strange Fruit - cover version
Kashmir (Led Zeppelin Cover)
The Wanderer (Emperor Cover)
Strange Fruit
On The Turning Away (Pink Floyd Cover)
Solitude (A Candlemass)
The Emperor (Variation on a Theme by Samoth)
Strange Fruit (cover version)
No Color No Light