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Albums by this artist:

The Day We Caught the Train
The Riverboat Song
Hundred Mile High City
The Circle
Better Day
One for the Road
You've Got It Bad
Travellers Tune
Profit In Peace
Lining Your Pockets
It's My Shadow
Get Blown Away
Fleeting Mind
Up on the Downside
40 Past Midnight
Mechanical Wonder
It's a Beautiful Thing
The Downstream
Policemen & Pirates
Huckleberry Grove
Foxy's Folk Faced
Robin Hood
Debris Road
Crazy Lowdown Ways
Besides Yourself
Tele He's Not Talking
Half a Dream Away
Spark and Cindy
I Am the News
Free My Name
No One At All
Soul Driver
Go To Sea
Jane She Got Excavated
Giving It All Away
I Told You So
Do Yourself a Favour
Emily Chambers
The Waves
I Wanna Stay Alive With You
North Atlantic Drift
Give Me a Letter
Oh Collector