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Albums by this artist:

Secretly Meaty
Alone With My Clone
My Girl's Got Guts
Champion of the World
My Hideous Claw
What Would He-man Do?
Phat Pig Phong
Chernobyl Hamster
A Little Squirrel and His Crack Pipe
The Cross-dress Crusade
Santa Claus Is Selling Crack
Pogoniasis II
Truth's Ugly Head
Bowling for Midgets
Shoes Don't Fit
Look Who's Crossed-eyed Now
The Return of Agent Embryo
Coloring Book Man
Let's Dig Him Up and Shit on Him
Facial Origami
Family Jamboree
The Pimp, The Bitch & The Magic Beans
Subliminal Smurf
Shiny Button
5th Grade Alchemy
The Midgetaur
Miss Dimples
Molly Ringworm
Three-legged Bunny
Sweet Nothings
It's My Birthday!
Cup o' Maggots
Crane to the Head
Cotton Anatomy
I, Iguana
Ballad Of Moth-Chew-Moth
The Realities And Misconceptions Of The Hair Club For Men
Dead Things Come in Pairs
Samurai Robotics
I Sold My Co-Pilot