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Albums by this artist:

trip switch
Wake Up Call
Ban All the Music
Graveyard Whistling
If I Get High
Forever & Ever More
Honey Whiskey
Broken Machine
Lover, Please Stay
I'm Not Made by Design
I Was Just a Kid
Drawing Pins
Live Like Animals
Six Billion
Neon Brother
Tempt You (Evocatio)
Take This Lonely Heart
Get Better
Last Orders
Hell, Yeah
Sorry - Acoustic
You Know Me Too Well
Particles - Piano Version
Itch - Single Version
Lover, Please Stay - Live
Holding Out for a Hero - From the Trailer for "Vikings" - Series 2
If I Get High - II
Sorry (Acoustic)
Graveyard Whistling - Live from Spotify London
Particles (Piano Version)
Excuse Me - Track by Track
Lover, You Should Have Come Over - Live at BBC Maida Vale Studios
Itch - Live from Spotify London
Ban All the Music - Track by Track
Wake Up Call - Live from Spotify London