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Albums by this artist:

Sentenced To Death
Abnormally Deceased
Supposed to Rot
Carnal Leftovers
Face Of Evil
Revel In Flesh
Severe Burns
When Life Has Ceased
Morbid Devourment
Radiation Sickness
But Life Goes On
Shreds Of Flesh
The Truth Beyond
Metal and Mayhem
Sentenced to Death - Premature Autopsy Demo '88
Supposed to Rot - Premature Autopsy Demo '88
Radiation Sickness (Repulsion cover)
Abnormally Deceased (demo track)
Bastards of Beers
Call Down The Thunder
Nihilist Kills
Revel in Flesh - Only Shreds Remains Demo '88
Severe Burns - Drowned Demo '89
Carnal Leftovers - Premature Autopsy Demo '88
It's On...
The Assault
Abnormally Deceased - Only Shreds Remains Demo '88
Hells Son
American Plague
House of the Dead
Hungry For Blood
Face of Evil - Only Shreds Remains Demo '88
Blood Portraits
Vengence Is Mine
Ditch the Bitch
Americas Bleeding
Freewheel Burning
Hessian Mercenary
Hesh Plow
Payment Upon Death
When Life Has Ceased - Drowned Demo '89
Radiation Sickness - The Drowned Sessions '89
Morbid Devourment - The Head Not Found Session '89
But Life Goes On - But Life Goes On Demo '89
Shreds of Flesh - But Life Goes on Demo '89