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Albums by this artist:

Serpent Sun
Prayer of Naphal
Lantern of Eden's Night
Things which are Naught
I am the Gateway
Rite of the Slaying Tongue
As Wolves Amongst Ruins
Call of the Exile
Eater of the Black Lead
Where Fire never Dreamt of Man
Of the Key and Crossed Bones
Et Nox Illuminatio mea in Deliciis Meis
I am I
Womb Of Nyx
Lucifer Trismegistus
Caput Draconis - Black Saturn
Feast Of The Manes
The Gnosis of Inhumation
Supplication Before the Throne of Tehom
The Otherness of Being
Midnight's Crown
Of Silence and Exsanguination
The Angel of Smokeless Fire
Serpent of the Midnight Sun
Dreaming Above the Sepulcher
Via Tortuosa
Old Night
Upturning the Seventh Chalice
The River Lethe
Goblet of Sulfur and Poison
Let Silence Be His Sacred Name
The Coils of Sevekh
Salvation is the Son of Leviathan
Excitium: Litany of the Devouring Earth
The Lamp of Inverse Light
Inheritor of a Dying World
The Utterance of Kasab'el
Fount of the Nighted God-head
Et Nox Illumination Mea In Deliciis Meis
Beneath the Sands of Dudael
Nephal: The Seat of Pan-Daimonium
The Witchfires of Tubal-Qayin
The Witchfires Of Tubal Qayin
Ingress (The Gates of Edom)
The Grave-Earth's Son
Cadua Draconis - Azra Lumial
The Nascent Gates Of Twilight And Dawn