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Albums by this artist:

These Days
The Fairest of the Seasons
Chelsea Girls
I'll Keep It With Mine
Little Sister
Winter Song
Somewhere There's a Feather
Eulogy to Lenny Bruce
It Was a Pleasure Then
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
Janitor of Lunacy
No One Is There
Frozen Warnings
My Only Child
The Falconer
Le petit chevalier
Ari's Song
Sunday Morning
All That Is My Own
Secret Side
Venus In Furs
Facing the Wind
Evening of Light
The End
Sunday Morning - Album Version (Stereo)
Heroin - Album Version (Stereo)
All Tomorrow's Parties
It Has Not Taken Long
Femme Fatale
Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie)
You Forgot To Answer
I'm Waiting For The Man
I'm Waiting For The Man - Chorus
Femme Fatale - Album Version (Stereo)
Innocent And Vain
Valley Of The Kings
Lawns of Dawn
My Funny Valentine
Das Lied Der Deutschen
We've Got The Gold
Lawns of Dawns
I'll Be Your Mirror - Album Version (Stereo)
Run Run Run - Album Version (Stereo)
All Tomorrow's Parties - Album Version (Stereo)