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Albums by this artist:

Leaving Home
Confessions of a Criminal Mind
Makin' Out With Chaos
A Beautiful Affair
End of the Rainbow
Crystal Jack
Om du lämnade mig nu
Borrowed Feathers
Spoken Words
No Regrets
Midsummer Mad
Ruins of a Riot
Lovely Anna
Out of Line
The Young Ones
Johnny's Journal
Father Of A Father
Heartless Hooligan
Devil Angel Mother
Over And Out
Heroes And Freaks
Leaving Home - Instrumental
Sång till en pojke
All Stars - Electric Remix
Vem räddar dig då
All Stars - Instrumental
Makin’ Out With Chaos
Makin´ Out With Chaos
Aver And Out
End Of The Rainbow (Demo)
Bad Luck (Social Distortion cover)
Makin' out with cahos
Johnny´s Journal
Maki'n Out With Chaos
End Of The Rainbow [Demo]
Sång till en pojke 
02. Makin' out with Chaos
03. Midsummer Mad
Johnnys Journal
Crystal Jack - live
The Clash - live