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Cruel to Be Kind
So It Goes
I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
Heart Of The City
36 Inches High
The Beast In Me
Marie Provost
Cracking Up
Little Hitler
No Reason
Nutted by Reality
American Squirm
Music for Money
Changing All Those Changes
Without Love
I Trained Her To Love Me
When I Write the Book
Shake and Pop
What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?
Sensitive Man
Stoplight Roses
Born Fighter
Endless Sleep
The Club
They Called it Rock
You Make Me
Long Limbed Girl
Half A Boy And Half A Man
Hope For Us All
Big Kick, Plain Scrap
She's Got Soul
Rollers Show
House For Sale
Lately I've Let Things Slide
The Rose Of England
People Change
I Love My Label
Checkout Time
I Read A Lot
Indian Queens
All Men Are Liars
Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart
Children Go Where I Send Thee
A Better Man
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
Heart Of The City (live)
Skin Deep