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Albums by this artist:

Only Ash Remains
The Stillborn One
Symbiotic In Theory
Foul Body Autopsy
Fermented Offal Discharge
To Breathe In a Casket
Mutilate the Stillborn
Intestinal Incubation
Advanced Corpse Tumor
Extreme Unction
Culinary Hyperversity
Diminished To B
Ignominious & Pale
Diminished To Be
Ignominious and Pale
Dismembered Self-Immolation
Pseudopathological Vivisection
Pseudopatological Vivisection
Dismembered Self-Immolation [Necrophagist 1995 demo]
Pseudopathological Vivisection [Necrophagist 1995 demo]
Dismembered Self-Immolation (Bonus Track)
Pseudopathological Vivisection (Bonus Track)
Diminished To Be Diminished
Dismembered Self-Immolation (demo '95)
Pseudopathological Vivisection (demo '95)
Parasitic Devourment of Hepatic Tissue
Rancid Disembowel
Pseudopathological Vivisection [*]
Cannibalistic Necrophilism
Perverted Necropsy
Dismembered Self-Immolation [*]
Pulverizing Maggot Infestation
Dismembered Self-Immolation - Bonus Track
Onset Of Putrefaction - Fermented Offal Discharge
Onset Of Putrefaction - Advanced Corpse Tumor
Pseudopathological Vivisection - Bonus Track
Dismembered Self-Immolation (demo)
Pseudopathological Vivisection (Demo)
Necrophagist - The Stillborn One
Necrophagist / Stabwound
Necrophagist / Seven
Dismembered Self-Immolation [N
Pain Is God
Fermented Offal Discharge (solo)
Dismembered Self-Immolation (D
Necrophagist / The Stillborn One
Dimished to Be