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Albums by this artist:

Wrecking Hotel Rooms
Heard That Sound
Chick Magnet
My Life Story
The Darkest Places
Grey Skies Turn Blue
Punk Rawk Show
Tomorrow's Another Day
Secret Weapon
Party, My House, Be There
I'm OK, You're OK
Quit Your Life
Move to Bremerton
Young and Depressed
Doing Time
First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives
Play It Loud
Want Ad
Cold and All Alone
Shut It Down
Under Lock and Key
Emotional Anarchist
Do Your Feet Hurt
Without You
Teenage Politics
Cold Streets
The Story
Summer Of 69
(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles
Take on Me
Late Again
Invitation to Understanding
You're On Fire
Christmas Night of Zombies
Kicking and Screaming
Call In Sick
Well Adjusted
Let It Happen
Everything Sucks (When You're Gone)
Kids In America
Here's To The Life
The Wonder Years
This Weekend
Buildings Tumble