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Albums by this artist:

Hate And Heartache
Guilt And The Like
No One Wished To Settle Here
Rocking Chairs And Shotguns
Generation Of Ghosts
Harboring An Apparition
At Arms Length
A Beautiful Corpse
Wake Me When It's Over
A Vivid Chaos
Soil To Stone
Heart Eaters
The Violence Beneath
In Your Eyes
Sharpen Your Axes
Buried Hopes
How This Will End
The Other Son
Sleepwalk Powder
The Priestess
Drown the Old
Sever the Soul
Stretching Out
Path of Eight
Seven the Soul
story of the eye
Heart Eaters and Baby Killers
Mouth of the Architect - Sleepwalk Powder
In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel Cover)
Restore (Live)
Kenoma - 1913
Kenoma - The Nature of Empire
The Nature of Empire
How Will This End
A Vivid Chaos (Remastered)