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Albums by this artist:

Valley of Sacrifice, Part 1
Parasites Of Paradise
The Harmony Remains
Two Steps Away
The Unborn
Fragile Flesh
Cleansing rain
The oppressed will rise
God Has Fallen
The animal within
The Glass Womb
Sinners defeat
Another creation
Eternity's child
Reclaim the Sun
The distance between
Terminal liberation
It is done
Life in black
Lost beyond retrieval
In my words
Altered State Of Consciousness
The lust called knowledge
We Are the Sleep
Last apprentice
Monster in Me
A Day for Redemption
Into Illusion
Leader of the Titans
Apprentice of Death
I Will Return
Birth of the Starchild
Death Is The Beginning
Bringer of Light
Enter the Asylum
Destroyer of All
The Awakening
Innocence Lost