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Albums by this artist:

Hey Moon!
I Hope You Die
Whiskey Sour
The Lonely
(Won't Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight
We're Never Coming Home
8000 days
Wounds Itch When They Heal
The Diamond Song
Poisoned Candy
The Home Song
Dinosaur Tears
You Always Hurt the One You Love
my dream from last night
Meanwhile in Berlin
Mountain Time
In Real Life
Hotel Home
Hiroshima Street
The Bottles of Tomorrow
City of Atlantis
Intermezzo: The Party
QWERTY (censored version)
The Clocks
I'm Still Wearing His Jacket
A Slice of Lemon
Every Night Is New
Gun Control
The Power Ballad
Dear Life
Worlds Apart
Lovers Are Losers
The Only Planet
A Song They Won't Be Playing On the Radio
Going Places
The Closest We'll Ever Get to Heaven
Ten New Lives
Dirty Fingers
Last Forever
In the Mood for a Tattoo
Hello Loneliness
Never O'Clock