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Albums by this artist:

Foto Viva
Dance Naked Under Palmtrees
Remember Tomorrow
Soho Vibes
African Sunset
Cha Cha Cha
Yes Baby Yes (Sally Said)
Salto Angel
Hit the Road Jack
So Ma Guisee
Come Touch The Sun
Quase Nada
Bar Rumba
Yes Baby Yes
Morning Bay
Shake It Loose
Do the boogaloo
Oye!... Bossa
Alive Tonight
Gonna Be
Quando Te Veo
Big, J'Aim
Hold On
Holy Water
Radio Sol
Como E O Ar (Easy Rhodes Remix)
como e o ar
Flyin Away
Gonna Be (Video mix)
Superworld (Children's World Replay)
Fever 99
Goodevening Friends (cd edit)
Hit The Road Jack (Pé Na Éstrada)
Green day
Cowboy Bossa feat. Yanez
Prince Charles' Latest Affair
Hit The Road Jack (Pena Estrada)
Drum'n'Boogaloo (Fort Knox Five Latin Funk Bomb)
A touch of hope
Lovely Day Inside
Drum'n Boogaloo (full vocal mix)
Hit The Road Jack (Pe Na Estra
Gonna Be (Ben Human remix)
Ai Mi Morena - Chocolate Restyle
Como e o ar (Deela remix)