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Albums by this artist:

Happy Hour
Born Again
Loving In Your Eyes
I Need More
Practice What You Preach
Hold On
Step in the Name of Love
Yes Mi Friend
Chant Down Babylon
Love And Happiness
Never Let Me Down
Close the Door
I Am I Said
Walk A Mile In My Shoe
Remix the Love
Alli Alli Ho
Jah Love Lifted Me
When You'Re Lonely
Grab Yu Lass
I can't get enough
Showers of Blessings
I Cry, You Cry
Pull It Up
Losing Me
Dance With My Mother
True Believer In Love
Walk A Mile
I Want To Know
Sweet Sensation
Help Me
Stand Tall
My Way
Taste & See
Ballroom Floor
A Little Love
Two Spliff Tail
Shower Me
Never give you up
Ethiopian Here I Come
Where Is The Love
Taste And See
Forever And Ever
When Your Lonely
Sorry Baby
One Last Memory
Buy Me A Rose
This Time
Here I Am