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Albums by this artist:

Wait Another Day
The Beat
Make You Mine (feat. Moa Lisa)
Day Or Night
Wait For You (feat. Maia Wright)
Melody (Tip Of My Tongue)
Don't Hurt (feat. Brezy)
You & I
Without You
Give It Up
I Got You
Groovy George
Sweet & Sour
Don't Hurt
Face Up To The Sun
Another Night
Take Me Down
Feels Like Yesterday (feat. Robin Valo)
Step Up
Another Night (feat. Matluck)
Fallin' In
I Hope You Know
Get Dirty
You're The Future
Take Me There
Fallin' In - RetroVision Remix
Wait For You (feat. Maia Wright) - VIP Mix
Another Night - Acoustic Version
You & I - Axollo Remix
I Hope You Know - Chill Mix
Take Me There - Extended Mix
Another Night - Remix
Face Up To The Sun - Acoustic Version
You & I - BVRNOUT Remix
Make You Mine
Lonely Soldier
The Beat (Mix Cut) - Hardwell Edit
Another Night (feat. Matluck) - Acoustic Version
The Beat - Hardwell Edit
Konnichiwa (Original Mix)
Wait For You
Another Night - Vibez Remix
Sweet & Sour (Extended Mix)