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Albums by this artist:

Village Ram
Short Little Shorts
Jean and Dinah
Jook For Jook
Russian Satellite
Congo Man
Sparrow Dead
Monica Dou Dou
Sailor Man
Dear Sparrow
Ten To One Is Murder
Mango Vert
Sell the Pussy
Carlton Peeping At Me
Gun Slingers
Obeah Wedding
Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart
No, Doctor, No (The Situation In Trinidad)
Mr. Walker
Reply To Melody
May May
Mad Bomber
No More Rocking
Sparrow vs. Melody Picong
Harry in The Piggery
No, Doctor, No
Chinese Love Affair
Jack Palance
Lying Excuses
Country Girl
Dan Is The Man (In The Van)
Trinidad Carnival
English Diplomacy
More Cock
Sparrow Come Back Home
Well Spoken Moppers
Who She Go Cry For
Royal Jail
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Jean Marabunta
Hello People