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Albums by this artist:

Hygger Mig
Im Already There
Tar Den Ik
One Day - Remixed
Ingrids Kanin (feat. Sjakalen)
Gameboy 5
Ingrids Don Juan
Et Hundred
Uber Igen
Fast Car
Trap Hus
One Dance
Hit Dem Folks
Kobe (feat. Ung Teske)
Wanna Take Me Out?
Faded (feat. Nat) [Reprise Alan Walker]
Fire bird
The Prodigal Child
Muffegame Er Lit
Butsu Mutandari / Iyesa
Jeg Rammer
This Is What You Came For
Drukket Hele Koppen
Peter Was a Fisheman (Baptist Song)
The Eric Andre Show Funniest Moments #2
LegoLand (feat. Ung Teske & MuffeMuir)
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
Michael Williams - Energy Security
White Earth
Sometimes when We Touch
Brother Come to Help You
She's all right now
One Day (Remixed)
Show Me Love
I'm in Control
This time
Spirit gospel
Cake by the Ocean