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Albums by this artist:

The Passenger
Slide Away
Let Me Show You
A Straight Line
All I'm Saying
Get On The Inside
Flesh and Blood
Don't Save Me From Myself
She Flirts for England
Baby It's Alright
Put The Pieces Back Together
Rooms for the Memory
Spill The Wine - Edit
Standing on the rooftop
Never Tear Us Apart
Dogs in Space
Golf Course
Slide Away (featuring Bono)
Spill the Wine
Slide Away (feat. Bono)
The Green Dragon
Baby Let's Play House
Spill the Wine - From "Mystify: A Musical Journey with Michael Hutchence"
Under My Thumb
Let the people talk
The King Is Gone
The Passenger - Batman Forever Soundtrack
Friction (Waggie Style Remix)
Friction (House Du Monde Remix)
The Passenger (Iggy Pop Cover)
The Passenger - Michael Hutchence
Put The Pieces Back Together (Version 1)
Put The Pieces Back Together (Version 2)
Speed Kills
Kick It Around
Slide Away (+ M.Hutchence)
Slide Away (With Bono)