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Albums by this artist:

Souls of the dead
Pure hate
The awakening
Dreadful fate
Realm of the dark
Denied birth
Dying World
Bestial Death
Nuclear Attack
One Of Them
The Land I Used To Walk
Back To North
Mind Possession
Lost Eternally
The Book Of Lies
Forbidden Pleasure
Branded By Sunlight
The Treasures Within
Darkened Clouds
Shadows Of Fire
Silent Truth
Act Of Horror
Dying world + Bestial death
Cleansed By Fire
Violent Obsession
Cold Eyes Of Grey
Human Waste
Bestial death (Live)
Burn All The Way
Unearthy Salvation
Painless End
Fallen Angels Universe
Nuclear attack (live)
The awakening (live)
In Your Blood
Pure hate (live)
Bestial Death - Live
Total Destruction
The Silent Truth
Souls of the Dead (demo track)
Satanic Slaughters
Behind The Black Door
The Awakening - Live
Nuclear Attack - Live