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The Safety Dance
Safety Dance
Pop Goes the World
The Safety Dance (Video Version) - Bonus Track
I Got the Message
Living in China
The safety dance - extended club mix
Where Do the Boys Go?
The Safety Dance (extended version)
The Safety Dance (Extended Club Mix) - Extended Club Mix
The Great Ones Remember
The Safety Dance [September 1983]
On Tuesday
Things in My Life
Where Do The Boys Go
Ban The Game
Devil Come Round
Editions of You
No Dancing
Ideas for Walls
The Safety Dance (Extended Club Mix)
Messiahs Die Young
Head Above Water
Cocoricci (Le tango des voleurs)
Jenny Wore Black
Bright Side of the Sun
O Sole Mio
I Know Their Name
Freeways (Euromix)
The End (of the World)
In The Name of Angels
Folk of the 80's
The Real World
Lose My Way
Safety Dance [Extended]
Everybody Knows
Saftey Dance
The Safety Dance - Extended Dance Version
The Safety Dance (Video Version) [Bonus Track]
The Girl With The Silicon Eyes
This War
I Sing Last / Not for Tears
Your Beautiful Heart