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Albums by this artist:

Let Me Go
Slow down
I Used To Have It All
A Change Is Gonna Come - Acoustic Version
I Can Never Be
Open My Eyes
These Days
Cold Game
Shooting The Stars
Running Away
Come Fly Away
Walk Into The Sun
I Don't See The Sun
Her Grace
Emotion (Ain't Nobody)
Look What I've Done
I Need (Remix)
A Change is Gonna Come
Come Fly Away - KANT Remix
Let Me Go (Roksonix remix)
I Need (Brookes Brothers Remix)
Hold On
Round Here
Run To The Roof
I Need - Acoustic
I Need (Luis Leon Blue Sky Edit)
Beautiful Girls/Stand By Me - The Live Lounge
Guns in the Distance
Don't Talk About It
Give It Up
Jungle (feat. Maverick Sabre)
We Don’t Wanna Be
I Need - Live at The Jazz Cafe
Don't Forget
They Found Him A Gun
I Don't See The Sun (Don't Ever Feel Too Much)
Emotion (Ain't Nobody) - Splurge Boys Remix
Give Me Love
Falling Again
Lay Your Head
So Free