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Enjoy the Violence
Apocalyptic Warriors
Ultimate Antichrist
Gods of Hate
Sentenced for Life
Researchers of Tortures
Atrocious Crimes
War of Attrition
Revealing Cruelty
Final Holocaust
Full of Hatred
Nearer to Death
Trained to Kill
Seas of Blood
The Day of Massacra
Eternal Hate
Sublime Extermination
Agonizing World
Near Death Experience
Evidence of Abominations
Defying Man's Creation
Baptized in Decadence
Mortify their Flesh
Beyond the Prophecy
Traumatic Paralyzed Mind
Excruciating Commands
Signs of the Decline
Full Frontal Assault
Beyond the Prophety
Civilisation in Regression
World Dies Screaming
Twisted Mind
Madness Remains
Ordinary People
Closed Minded
Harmless Numbers
Broken Youth
Lack of Talk
Worlds Dies Screaming
Piece of Reality
My Reality
Can't Stand
Need For Greed
Feel Unreal
My Only Friend
Mad To Be Normal
Nearer From Death
Zero Tolerance
How Free Are You