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Albums by this artist:

Lost Me
City of my Dreams
Point Of No Return
Oh Lord
Smiling Moon
The Void
Sweet Revenge
Farewell My Heart
Degenerate Love
Angel Tears
I Bugged Your Brain
Third River
Come - The Young Professionals remix
Be a Boy
Lost Me (Explicit)
Now Silence
Shut Down The Lights
Chronic Love Game
Come (You´ll Wanna See How It Ends) - The Young Professionals Remix
Oh Lord - Verlatour Remix
Come (you’ll wanna see how it ends)
Palermo - Orchestral Version
2. Lost Me
1. City of My Dreams
4. Come
3. Point of No Return
5. Smiling Moon
10. Angel Tears
Come (The Young Professionals remix)
11. Third River
6. Oh Lord
7. Sweet Revenge
8. Farewell My Heart
9. The Void
Come (You'll Wanna See How It Ends) [The Young Professionals Remix]
The Third River
Come (You'll Wanna See How It Ends)
Come (Hardkor Disko soundtrack)
Oh Lord (Verlatour Remix)
Palermo (Orchestral Version)
Come (The Young Professionals remix)
Come (You´ll Wanna See How It Ends)
Farwell My Heart
Smilig Moon